D&G Technology was awarded Caring Company Logo 2018-19

D&G Technology has concerned the corporate social responsibility and has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities over the years. It cares for the community, employees and the environment. It has been nominated for the “Caring Company” Scheme since 2016 and has been awarded for the “Caring Company” logo for three consecutive years. This is the recognition to the Group for its work and measures to care for the community, employees and environment. The Group will continue to create a culture of innovation, care for the community and the environment, promote the active participation of employees, and continue to promote the concept of sustainable development of the Group.

D&G attains “EcoChallenger” award for 4 consecutive years

Award certificate

D&G Technology has always attached importance to environmental protection and is committed to the research and development of asphalt recycling plants with environmental friendly and energy saving features. Products have been sold to 30 countries and regions. Energy saving measures have also been implemented in production and daily operation. The group has won the BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards - “EcoChallenger” since 2015 and was awarded “3Years+ EcoPioneer”. The awards are organized by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) and BOCHK.

The awards are in recognition of the Group’s continuous efforts and achievements in promoting environmental protection and reducing environmental pollution over the years. The awards ceremony was held on 29 May 2019 and was officiated by HKSAR Secretary for the Environment, Mr. Wong Kam-Sing.

Photos of Ms Glendy Choi with other awardees and the presenters on stage
Ms Glendy Choi, CEO of D&G Technology, received the award on behalf of the Group
Photos of Ms Glendy Choi with other awardees and the presenters on stage

D&G Technology actively supports “Earth Hour 2019”

On Mar 30, 2019, D&G Technology actively participated at “Earth Hour 2019” by encouraging all our staff to support this worldwide lights-off campaign. All unnecessary lights were switched off at all our company premises, production facilities, offices and staff family for one hour from 20:30-21:30 to show our support for action on climate change. This was the seventh consecutive year that D&G has participated in the “Earth Hour” campaign. The campaign participation highlights the corporate and individuals efforts and supports on “energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction”.

A 100-watt light consumes 0.1 kWh in one hour, which is equivalent to quite 35g of standard coal consumption, 87g of carbon dioxide emissions, 2.6g of sulfur dioxide, 1.3g NOx, 24g of toner dust. Over the years, D&G Technology has always attached the importance to environmental protection. We create economic value for the society, at the same time, we still concern about environmental issues. In recent years, the Company newly developed Monoblock Recycling plant, Eco series asphalt mixing plant, etc. This is the strong support to environmental protection.

One hour of darkness shows our support for action on climate changes. Let’s work together to create a beautiful home.

D&G obtained certification under the Green Finance Certification Scheme

HKQAA Green Finance Certification Scheme Presentation Ceremony cum Forum 2019 was held on 25 Mar 2019. BW Enterprise Company Limited, wholly-owned subsidiary of D&G Technology, is one of the certified organizations under the Green Finance Certification Scheme. Ms Glendy Choi, CEO of D&G Technology, received the certification on stage on behalf of the Company at the presentation ceremony.

Investment in green finance has been increasing globally. Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) launched the Green Finance Certification Scheme in 2018. The Scheme aims to enhance the credibility among issuers, investors, the business community and the general public. Its ultimate goal is to facilitate the development of green finance and green industry.

The Group is pleased to be a certified green finance issuer. The Scheme enables us to have a better understanding of green finance and good practices, and helps further enhance our sustainability performance.

D&G Technology participated at Green Run 2019

To further demonstrate D&G Technology's commitment to environmental protection and charity, the Group formed a team to participate in the "Green Run" 2019 on 24 March 2019. This is the second time D&G joined the charity run. The event was organized by Green Council. The competition venue was located at Pak Shek Kok promenade in Shatin. The Group took part in the 3km Green Corporate Team Race.
The aims of Green Run are to promote public awareness of environmental protection and practice of environmental protection and habitat and to encourage people of all walks of life to practice environmental protection through wholesome running activities.

Ms Glendy Choi speaks at HKYIC’s College Lecture

Ms Glendy Choi, CEO of D&G Technology, was invited to speak at a College Lecture on 8 March 2019. This was one of the College Lectures under a Youth Training Program organized by Hong Kong Young Industrialist Council (HKYIC). Ms Choi shared her experience and view with the college students on how to succeed in the involving industry. The lecture received good response.

D&G Technology has been the sponsor of Green Carnival for three consecutive years

Group photo of all open ceremony guests
Lion dance performance at the opening ceremony of the Carnvial

The 16th Green Carnival 2019, organized by the Green Council, was held at Kowloon Park in Tsim Sha Tsui on 20 January. D&G Technology has been the sponsor of this event for three consecutive years. Ms. Glendy Choi, CEO of the group, was also invited to be one of the guests at the opening ceremony. In addition to the award ceremony for the eco-model design competition, there are also many stage performances and booth games, attracting more than 4,500 teachers, students, their family members and citizens to attend.

Ms Glendy Choi, CEO of D&G Technology, together with other guests

A Day with Food Angel

Hong Kong produces 3600 tonnes of food waste every day, 2/3 of which is generated in households. This amounts to 0.33kg of food waste per person per day. Food Angel, a sustainable Food Rescue and Food Assistance Program, was launched in 2011 with the ultimate goal of achieving Waste Not Hunger Not. Today, Food Angel serve 9000 free hot meals and food packs daily to people in need of food assistance. To support Food Angel, D&G Technology organized its HK staff to take part in the volunteer work program of Food Angel in 2017. It organized this meaningful activity for its staff again in 2018. Through the half-day program, the staff got to know food waste issues in Hong Kong and they helped prepare Food Angel meals together. This year the special feature of the event was that the Company invited the employees of the business partner Allied Environmental Consultancy to participate the event together. In addition to assisting in the processing of raw vegetables, preparing food packages, and assisting in the preparation of meals, the staff also assisted in serving hot meals to the elderly in the community centre of Food Angel and taste the surplus food. The Company hopes that the concept of Waste Not, Hunger Not can be disseminated to the staff and all staff can become Food Angels.

D&G Technology won “Hong Kong Green Awards 2018” – “Corporate Green Governance Award”

The trophy of Hong Kong Green Awards 2018 – Corporate Green Governance Award (Environmental Monitoring and Reporting)

Mr Barnabas Tsang, CFO, received the award from Mr Shih Wing-Ching, Chairperson of Green Council

Sustainable development is the development trend of today's enterprises. As a member of social citizens, D&G Technology understands that enterprises must implement environmental policies and measures in their businesses and take responsibility for sustainable development. The Group takes environmental factors into consideration during daily operation. The Group's adherence and efforts have resulted in the awarding of the "Hong Kong Green Awards 2018” – “Corporate Green Governance Award - Environmental Monitoring and Reporting". The awards ceremony was held on 14 December 2018.

The "Hong Kong Green Awards" is an awarding event organized by the Green Council to encourage local enterprises to incorporate environmental considerations, environmental responsibility and environmental management systems into their operations and to recognize their continued improvement and leadership performance. The Corporate Green Governance Award recognizes the commitment of large enterprises in the five areas of leadership, mission, management systems, environmental monitoring and reporting, and stakeholders, as well as their integration of environmental considerations into daily operations.

D&G Technology has been awarded this “Corporate Green Governance Award” for three consecutive years. The award has been reaffirmed by D&G Technology's commitment to green governance. Looking ahead, the Group will continue to incorporate environmental, safety and health considerations in decision-making, accountability, management, performance, sustainability and leadership in the operation. We will strive to build a positive image, continue to strengthen green governance and become exemplary Green enterprise.

Receiving a Bird Model for Silver Member at WWF-Hong Kong’s Award Presentation 2018

WWF-Hong Kong organized a Corporate Sustainability Summit & Award Presentation 2018 on 30 Nov 2018 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. D&G Technology, as a Silver member of WWF-Hong Kong, was invite d to attend the Summit & Award Presentation. As a Silver Member of WWF-Hong Kong, our representative received a bird model from the CEO of WWF-Hong Kong, Mr Peter Cornthwaite, at the award presentation ceremony. This is our third year to join as Silver Member of WWF-Hong Kong. D&G Technology will continue to strive its best to protect the environment for a greener future.

D&G was awarded the Power Smart Energy Saving Contest 2017/18 Certificate

Energy consumption level in Hong Kong is among the top in the world. Currently, Hong Kong’s annual carbon dioxide emission exceeds 21 million tones, of which electricity generation accounted for 62% of this total. It is believed that energy conservation is the most effective solution to combat climate change and to create a greener living environment for our future generations.

D&G Technology has joined as the COOL Corporate Program 2017/18 of Friends of the Earth and participated at its Power Smart Energy Saving Contest. We are glad that we have successfully achieved over 3% electricity saving throughout the year and are awarded a certificate. We will continue to help save the electricity consumption by all means in the future.

Ms Glendy Choi speaks at Tricor Seminar 2018

All the speakers and guests

Ms Glendy Choi, CEO of D&G Technology, was invited to be one of the speakers at Tricor Seminar 2018 on 12 November 2018. The seminar talked about “Corporate Governance & Regulatory Updates”. Ms Choi shared her experience and view on enhancing the corporate governance of HK-listed companies. The seminar attracted more than a thousand attendees and received positive and keen responses.

Glendy Choi (right 2nd) and other speakers
Glendy Choi shared her experience and opinion
Glendy Choi (left 3rd) and other speakers

D&G Technology was awarded the Caring Certificate of “Industry Cares” 2018

Industry Cares recognition scheme is a corporate social responsibility recognition scheme organized by Federation of Hong Kong Industries. The scheme is to praise those enterprises which had outstanding performance in Corporate Social Responsibility over the past year. D&G Technology attaches importance to corporate social responsibility and has participated in a number of activities related to corporate social responsibility in the past year. It was awarded the Caring Certificate of Industry Cares 2018. The Group does not forget to fulfill the corporate social responsibility during its business development. We try to support and participate in different types of community obligations or environmental activities, and focus on its direction of sustainable development.

Participation at HKICS Corporate Governance Conference 2018

Ms Glendy Choi, CEO of D&G Technology, was invited by HKICS to be a panelist at 11th Biennial Corporate Governance Conference (CGC) 2018. The conference was held on 14 Sep at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong and over 300 participants attend the conference. Ms Choi discussed with other panelists and shared her experience and insights on the business changes for new horizon company. The feedback from the participants was keen.

Photo of Ms Glendy Choi (right second) with other panelists

D&G Technology won the “Sustainability Leader Award”- Silver Award

D&G Technology has joined the “COOL Corporate Membership Scheme 2017/18” established by the Friends of the Earth (HK) to step up its efforts on environmental awareness and reduction of carbon emission. The Awards Presentation Ceremony for COOL Corporate Membership Scheme was held on 8 August 2018. The Group was honored to obtain the Silver award of “Sustainability Leader Award” after a whole year’s participation. It is definitely recognition to the Group’s effort and contribution on environmental awareness and CSR. The Group will continue to leave its eco-friendly footprint by actively supporting and participating in activities organized by environmental organizations.

Trophy of “Sustainability Leader Award” – Silver 「可持续发展领袖奖」银奖奖座
Ms Sandra Ng, Assistant to CEO of D&G, represents the Group to receive the trophy from Friends of the Earth (HK) 德基科技首席执行官助理吴宝凤女士代表集团接受地球之友 (香港) 颁发的奖座

D&G Machinery won the 2018 World Top 100 (Plus 50) Construction Machinery Manufacturers

Ms Glendy Choi was selected as one of the 100 Most Influential Persons of China Construction Machinery Industry

The 2018 World PLUS 50 Construction Machinery Manufacturer list was released in Beijing in July. D&G Machinery, a wholly-owned subsidiary of D&G Technology, was ranked 36th. This year, a total of seven Chinese companies ranked on the list of “PLUS 50", most of which are specialized equipment manufacturers. In this regard, the Chairman of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Qi Jun, said that with the development and maturity of China's construction machinery industry, the number and proportion of professional manufacturers will become larger and larger. And China's specialized machinery manufacturers represented by D&G Machinery will become an important force in promoting the upgrading and development of the industry in the future, and become an indispensable and important participant in China's infrastructure construction and urbanization.

In addition to the 2018 World Top 100 (PLUS 50), D&G Machinery is also ranked 18th in the "China Top 30 Construction Machinery Manufacturers". It has been selected for eight consecutive years since 2011. D&G Machinery continues to lead the industry with its strong power and brand influence.

In addition, with the outstanding achievements in the “One Belt and One Road” construction in recent years, D&G Machinery won the “Road and Belt Excellence Award of Mixing Plant Market” at the Summit. As the leader of D&G Machinery, the Group’s CEO and General Manager of D&G Machinery, Ms. Glendy Choi, was once again selected as one of the “100 Most Influential Persons of China Construction Machinery Industry”.

As a scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprise, D&G Machinery has been focusing on providing high-end, energy saving and environmental-friendly asphalt mixing plants. Up to now, more than 500 units of D&G asphalt mixing plants have been exported to 31 countries and regions and we have won the recognition of global customers.

2018 World Top 100 (Plus 50) Construction Machinery Manufacturer certificate
2018 China Top 30 Construction Machinery Manufacturer certificate
Road and Belt Excellence Award of Mixing Plant Market certificate

D&G Technology becomes the Founding Member of Sustainable Procurement Charter

D&G Technology has always attached great importance to sustainable development and has been a member of the Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter since 2015. This July, the Green Council launched the "Sustainable Procurement Charter" to further promote the sustainable development of Hong Kong. D&G Technology was invited to become one of the founding members. We hope to further encourage the Group's internal operation and our suppliers to continuously improve and to achieve sustainable development. We hope to play a leading role in the industry and share experiences with other companies in the long run.

Mr. Wong Kam-sing, JP, Secretary for the Environment, was invited as an officiating guest at the launching ceremony
Mr Barnabas Tsang, the Group’s CFO, attended the launching ceremony of Sustainable Procurement Charter

D&G Technology participated at the “Belt and Road Summit” again

Jointly organized by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the third Belt and Road Summit was held on 28 June at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. D&G Technology participated in the Summit again. This year the theme of the Summit is “Collaborate for Success”. The scale of the Summit expanded a lot. The third edition of the Summit attracted more than 5,000 key representatives of international institutions, business and industry leaders from various countries. D&G Technology is a one-stop asphalt road infrastructure service provider. Apart from supply of asphalt mixing plants, the Group also offers asphalt mixing plant rental, leasing of asphalt mixing plants through operating leases, provision of equipment modification services, sales of spare parts and components, and hot mix supply. Over 500 units of D&G’s asphalt mixing plants have been worked in most provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China as well as 29 overseas countries, including many “One Belt One Road” countries, for example, South East Asia countries, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, etc. The Group is also one of the suppliers of asphalt mixing plants to a number of major infrastructure projects, including Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Highway and Hangzhou Bay Bridge in China, airport project in Russia and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project. The Group is also actively participating in other Belt and Road’s road construction projects.
D&G Technology’s booth
D&G Technology’s booth

D&G Technology supports Hong Kong Green Day 2018

Ms Glendy Choi, CEO of the Group, received the certificate of appreciation and souvenir from Ms Linda Ho, CEO of Green Council

Kick-off ceremony of Hong Kong Green Day 2018 was held on 5 June. D&G Technology was one of the sponsors. Ms Glendy Choi, CEO of D&G Technology, attended the ceremony.
That day was also World Environment Day. The production facility of the Group, located in Langfang Hebei, also responded to environmental protection. It held an environmental knowledge contest and the prize included environmental protection books. The activity provided the employees with a better understanding of the company’s implementation of environmental protection concepts.

Many guests were in green clothing at the kick-off ceremony
Group photo of VIP guests at the kick-off ceremony
Group photo of VIP guests at the kick-off ceremony
D&G staff signed for their environmental pledge
The Group’s production facility in Langfang arranged an environmental knowledge contest to enrich the environmental knowledge of the staff

Green education – visiting the first Chinese Herbal Farm operated by a social welfare organization

The Group has always attached importance to environmental protection. On 1 June, the Company arranged a green tour to the first Chinese Herbal Farm operated by a social welfare organization in Lo Wai Village on the southern tip of Tai Mo Shan for its Hong Kong employees. Employees have the opportunity to get acquainted with various Chinese herbal medicine knowledge and come into contact with different Chinese herbal medicine. They had a chance to taste herbal tea and learn about the fish and medicine symbiosis system, and to participate in a workshop to make natural mosquito repellent. Through this activity, the staff can enjoy the natural environment, relieve their daily pressure and allow them to have a deeper understanding of social welfare organizations and organic farming. The workshop enables the staff to know how to use natural plants to make harmless mosquito repellent and to further understand the importance of sustainable lifestyles.